Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Update

Hi Everyone!

Well, Lillian is now officially talking and walking. The video below is proof of the walking but I have yet to get her caught talking. She says momma, dada (ALWAYS dada), hi (her favorite!), bye, and dog. Oh, and whoa! She just started in the last couple of days and it is really funny to go into her room when she wakes up and see her standing at her crib and she says "hi"! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she is also getting a top tooth!

Dylan is a busy guy too! As most of you know he loves to do arts & crafts projects and loves tape! He has rolls and rolls of tape (thanks to Jennifer). It gets everywhere! He got new shoes today and they are a size 3, he is just getting so dang big! He walked in the Apple Blossom parade with his school and that is all that we heard about for about a week. I actually walked with his school too, but he would not walk within 10 feet of me. Is that already starting?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Lillian and Grandma Billie on Mother's day - she is making her evil, scrunch the nose up face. It is so hard to resist!

Lauren and Lillian

My little wrestlers!

Lily's trying to walk!

Lillian and Kearsten