Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Lillian came upstairs this morning after eating her breakfast while watching her "shows". She is super excited and says "Mom, I want a cell phone and shoes, and a kitty and a dog! Well, I already have a dog, his name is Mack. I guess I just want a pink cell phone." Then walks away. Hmm... doubt that my 2-year-old will be getting a cell phone anytime soon!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wrestling Season 2011

3rd place medal at our Eastmont tournament

3rd place metal in Republic

Dylan with his 1st place medal in Coulee City

It has been a great wrestling year so far! We have had 5 tournaments and Dylan has medaled at 3 of them - pretty darn good! Jake is president of the club this year so he has been really busy/involved with that this season. It definitely keeps us busy on Saturdays, can't say it will be all bad when its over next weekend. The last two tournaments he has wrestled a kid from Moses Lake named Riley, pretty funny - we joke with his parents that we will probably be seeing each other at tournaments for the next 9 years :) Good luck at the state tournament Dylan! If you want to watch a little of his championship match from this weekend click here.