Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 2009

As you can tell from the pictures/video Lily is all over the place! She is crawling like crazy and just recently started to pull herself up and walk along the coffe table or whatever else she is able to reach. She is no longer interested in most of her baby toys and is eating more and more "big people" food. She truly is high maintenace! She has frequently been bonking her head on EVERYTHING - which is evidenced by the photos above.
Dylan has now started wrestling so he is one busy guy! He will start tournaments on Saturdays in early March so we will be even more busy then. We also took him snowboarding last weekend at the cabin and put him in a lesson on Saturday. We were going to put him in one on Sunday too but he informed us that he did not like lessons and wanted to go on the big chair with us. So... the three of us started up the mountain. You should have seen how scared his little face was the first time we started up the hill. He got over it and he was doing awesome by the end of the day. We can tell this is something that we will have to do more often.

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