Monday, January 11, 2010

Mazatlan - November 2009

Dylan getting a massage! He is one lucky 8-year-old!

Uncle Brian enjoying our last day & the boat ride.

Jake & I on our way back from Stone Island.

Lily had a big day playing in the sand.

Our trip was almost over!

John & Lori

Married for 1 day!

My little sun-lover!

Never again!


Big coyboy! (or at least he thinks he is)

My little cowboy!

She LOVED the beach! So much sand in that diaper!

Uncle Gary, myself & Tam-RA

Uncle Brian & Dylan on the way to Stone Island.

Cutting the cake.

Lillian - she loved the disposable cameras! Cheese!

Lynette & Lynn

Dad & I

Uncle Gary & Delores

Daddy & Lillian

Aunt Lori & Lily.

She was determined to get to a cat that was running around the condos!

Lynette & I.

Dylan was best man. Aren't they handsome!

Lance, Dad & Mark

Lillian getting ready too!

Here comes the bride!

Lynette & June - right before the wedding!

One of Dylan's favorite activites was painting pottery at our condo with a guy that would come and set up shop everyday. He painted a really cool lizard and shark.

Jake soaking up some sun by our pool.

Debbie & Cheryl

Later on in the evening!

Beautiful Lynette.

Lillian was sooo tired.

Dad, Lynette & Laney

Jake, Dylan, & Uncle Brian

John, Lynette, Lori & Tam-RA

Sandi, Uncle Gary, Lillain

Dad and Dylan at the Shrimp Bucket.

All of us at the aquarium. (Jake was sick)


Lily loved it too!

The sea lion show at the aquarium.

Dylan at the aquarium. Notice the shark in the background.

Thank goodness for Dora!

The pool at Pueblo Bonito was an even bigger hit! There is Dylan jumping to Uncle John.

The pool was a hit!

Unfortunately, we got a flat tire on our way back :(

The only picture that we got of all four of us overlooking the beautiful ranch that we had lunch at out in the country.

Lily LOVES guacamole!

Makeshift Mexican highchair.

Dylan with some of the cool birds!

In November we went to Mexico to celebrate Dad and Lynette's wedding. It was wonderful and beautiful and we are so happy for them! I was really nervous about taking Lillian on the plane ride but she did pretty good. Both the kids had a great time at the pool and on the beach. Jake and I enjoyed the awesome Mexican food and margaritas! We want to go back soon! The pictures are in opposite order - meaning the one right above us is from the first day and so on. Sorry about that, I am figuring this out still! The video below is from our last full day in Mexico on the way back from the boat trip from Stone Island.

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