Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Not too much new at the Holt House. We have been staying home more recently and that has been nice.

Dylan has been snowboarding the last 3 weekends and he loves it! He even wanted to go longer than dad and mom last weekend. I think that a few runs he didn't even wreck, great job Dylan! He has his first wrestling tournament in Quincy this weekend. I am excited to see how he does this year.

Lillian is out little trouble-maker. She is into everything - and oh so quick!!! Her favorite thing has to be brushing her teeth. Probably about 3 times a day she goes into the bathroom and gets her toothbrush and says "poobrush!" It is pretty cute. She has picked up a couple of funny things lately too like excuse me! Or... excuse you (when you sneeze). It is pretty interesting when you think of the things that they pay attention to.

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