Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weekend

We made a necklace out of Fruit Loops! Yes, I only feed my children the best ;)

Dirty baby in the bathtub! Can you guess how she wore her hair that day?

Our big wrestler! Only 2 more tournaments left!

Well, Dylan, Lil and I have all been sick so we have been trying to recover from that. Friday we didn't do much. Rented & watched some pretty awful movies. Warning: Do not rent The Informant or The Box (at least we didn't like them).

Saturday Dylan had a wrestling tournament in Mattawa. He placed 4th. We are so proud of him and how good he is doing in his wrestling. I think that he will miss it when it is over. However, he will not be bored. He starts baseball tomorrow night. I am excited to see him play. This will be his first year of "real" baseball.

Lily and I stayed home from the tournament and just took it easy. After the boys got home Jake was outside working in the yard and Lily thought that looked like fun so she decided to go and play with him. (see the aftermath in the photos above) That was one nasty tub!

Today the kids and I went to watch Jake play softball. The kids got to run around and so did Mack. His actual games start Easter weekend. I will keep you posted on how he does! After we came home we were pretty mellow but then Dylan and I got down to business - cleaning his room! I have let his room get WAY out of control and haven't deep cleaned in months. We spent a couple of hours this afternoon going through toys, videos, books, and clothes. I think that we were pretty successful and his room turned out pretty organized. He is excited to play in his new room because he found things he didn't even remember he had (quote from him). For instance - right after we were finished he came downstairs wearing his moon shoes, I probably haven't seen him wear them since we moved! He was also pretty excited about being able to give Lillian his old books. He is so sweet and loves his little sister even though while we were cleaning she was right in the middle of everything tearing things apart. Oh well!

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