Wednesday, April 7, 2010


There it is!

She had so much fun!

Dylan is a pro egg-finder


Dylan had his big wrestling tournament on Easter weekend in Cheney. He did really well and placed 4th. This was his final tournament, it was a little bittersweet. He did so well this season and we are so proud of him. I think that he is just really looking forward to the pizza party coming up at Abbey's ;) He really likes showing off his medals and his trophy - so if you come by the house be sure to ask him to see them!
After the wrestling tournament we went to Williams Lake. We spent Easter there last year as well. Go here to view last year's Easter photos. It is crazy how fast they grow! Williams Lake is a really cute little camping place and has a nice restaurant, a swimming area and paddle boats. We haven't been there when it has been nice enough to swim but hope to go someday! Here is a link to the Williams Lake campground.
The kids had a great time hunting for eggs! Lily had such a fun time that she seemed to not really care about the basket with all the big goodies in it! She just wanted to keep finding eggs. It was pretty funny and Dylan was a great helper to find the eggs.

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