Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

Dylan hunting for our tree.

Tired Little Lillian

The Palmers in front of their Christmas tree.

Us in front of our tree.

Do you see why I was worried?

Decorating Dylan

TA-DA! Finished Product!

Well, this weekend we took an adventure with Megan, Robbie and Hannah and got our Christmas trees. We usually go to Klicker's in Walla Walla where you go, pick out your tree and they come and cut it down for you. This year we don't plan on going to Tri-Cities so we found a new place just like it in Cashmere called Shelton's Tree Farm. Each tree is $50 and you go hunt it down and they come and cut it for you and take it to your truck. I really wanted a blue spruce - so that's what we got! Although, I didn't enjoy getting poked by it numerous times as I was trying to string the lights - warning for people who want a blue spruce. I was a little worried about the tree when it first went up, it appeared to be a little smaller than we usually like (click here to see last year's tree). But in the end it turned out pretty nice. Now... off to decorate the rest of the house!

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Traci said...

Pretty tree! I love the red boa around it. ;)