Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parade Anyone?

The kids at Classy Chassis, pretending they like each other.

Jake and Dylan in the Apple Blossom Youth Parade (Dylan is the one with the shorts on and the hat backwards. Looks like he is harrassing someone)

Erin, Lillian and Rhyan at the parade from the back.

And now from the front - cute girls! When did they get so big?

We had fun watching the Apple Blossom Youth Parade. If you are not familiar with Apple Blossom just let me tell you... it is a big deal in Wenatchee. There are two parades, two consecutive weekends. A youth parade and a grand parade. People start setting out their chairs and reserving their spots along the parade route more than a month in advance. I've never really seen anything like it and I am not really in favor of it but hey, what can you do? The grand parade has to be the biggest parade that I have ever been to and it is great! The youth parade is also a lot of fun. Lily especially like the mascots - it was pretty funny to see how excited she got to see some of them and the princesses too! Apple Blossom is a great time and brings a ton of people to Wenatchee!

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