Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Day that Lillian Found the Scissors

So, this is my sweet little Lillian last week when she got her haircut with Jaclyn. She was sooooo excited to be sitting in the big girl chair and getting her hair done like mom. Look at her beautiful hair...
Then came these... look harmless enough, right?!

Nope, not harmless - they did this!!!! While mom freaked out dad stayed calm and took her to get a haircut at the mall (thanks dad).

This is what they could do with it. It is really short but pretty cute... except for the really short part in the front that could use some work.

From the back.

She was actually prety excited about it as you can tell. She said "but mom, this is how I wanted it."

Hence, lots of new hats and headbands.

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Dave said...

Looks very much like the haircut my daughter gave herself about 13 years ago. The good news is that it only happens once and it grows back. You will always look back at this with a chuckle. Enjoy the moments, they go fast.